Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is a precious destination in Bali because it has many things to be uncovered and discovered. Uluwatu Temple is a destination which offers you many attractions, so it is called tourist attraction in Bali. This tourist attraction is located on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, Bali. It is 34 kilometers to the south from Ngurah Rai Airport. You can go there by Taxi or rented transportation.

Visiting Uluwatu Temple will paint a beautiful memory in your brain. Uluwatu Temple has a beautiful attraction: it is the beach view from the tip of the Bukit Peninsula. You can enjoy the blue water which waves at you come along with the wind which blows your face gently. It is such a beautiful attraction for your eyes. From the tip of the cliff, you can enjoy looking at the blue coast of Uluwatu Temple. The beauty of the coast, the beach, and its wave are deserved to be called as a tourist attraction in Bali. They are really attractive. A view of tourist attractions in Bali which gives you many attractions at once is Uluwatu.

The tip of Bukit Peninsula has another attraction; Uluwatu temple. The temple stands luxuriously on the tip of Bukit Peninsula. Uluwatu Temple is built on a 70-meter high cliff. Uluwatu Temple presents Kecak dance which daily performs at the temple starts from 6 pm. Kecak dance is a traditional Balinese dance which tells you a story of Ramayana (Hinduism Epic).

Kecak dance is supported by some important factors such as dance movements and music. However, the special difference of Kecak dance from the other dances is the sound from “Cak” group which consists of 50 to 70 members who make acapella accompanying the dancers in presenting the storyline by their dance. It is fascinating to see the show while enjoying the Uluwatu sunset. Uluwatu sunset is the other attraction which Uluwatu Temple offers to you. The sunset is beautiful scenery in the great evening from Bukit Peninsula which makes you capture an unforgettable moment in Uluwatu.

Let’s get ready for the tourist attraction in Bali which offers you many kinds of attractions in one place. You can enjoy the scenery of the coast from the tip of Bukit Peninsula, You can visit the temple which offers you a fascinating entertainment: Kecak dance, and you can enjoy the sunset during the show. Don’t miss the moment and pack your things to enjoy the attractions of Uluwatu Temple.